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If it was mean enough to carry Sylvester Stallone, you know it was pretty awesome. With a wide-ratio five-speed and an air-cooled cc engine, the XT is a proper little dual-sport machine and with a little more attention to two-up riding than you might expect in an off-road -capable bike. For andit comes in Sandy Beige. The XT had come in some combination of blue and white since so you have to go all the way back to to find a red in the mix.

Two things that I find notable — each one not so much individually, but together, yes — are the relatively low seat height and and the more-than-adequate ground clearance.

Off-road bikes are usually quite tall, so the seat height of less-than inches is low for an off-road capable bike, yet the ground clearance is a skosh over 11 inches — still quite respectable.

Kudos Yamaha.

xt250 forum

The compact LCD instrument panel has green background lighting. Those dials are easier for me to read at a glance, but they do add weight to the handlebars that would not be welcome here.

Anything that sticks out is vulnerable when heading off into the woods, so the flex-mounted turn-signals are a check in the plus column. When you take a street-legal bike off the pavement into the woods, you want it to still be street-legal when you come out. Yamaha wants you to believe the seat is comfortable. The XT has frame-mounted passenger footpegs for those times you want to take off with a friend. As a commuter or a bopping-around-town bike.

Off-road riders have long maintained that steel frames provide just the right amount of flex and give that takes the edge off the rudest bumps, and Yamaha took that to heart. The XT runs with a steel backbone with a single downtube and bolted on double-cradle to support the engine and complete the assembly. While Yamaha displays an awareness of the dangers associated with off-road riding by adding fork boots and a wide front fender, I wonder at the lack of a skid plate to protect the engine against terrain strikes.

Sure, the double-cradle frame provides some protection, but not as much as a proper plate. The steering head layout gives us a Add that to what I already mentioned about the turning angle that swings through a full 51 degrees and you have the capability of very tight maneuvers at low speeds. A set of 35 mm forks support the front end, and a monoshock on a progressive linkage tames the swingarm.

True to its nature, suspension travel strikes a balance between street-size strokes and full-blown motocross.Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. WRR vs XT In a case of long-drawn-out-motorcycle-acquisition-syndrome, I've been looking to pick up a dual-sport for winter use for 4 years. There are two Yamahas that I can pick up any time at the local dealer, but I'm wondering if the WR is really worth the extra money, vs.

I get to ride XTs a lot, as well as TWs. But I've decided winter use dictates fuel injection, which limits the used market. Decisions, decisions! Jeff "The future is so much easier to predict when you have a handle on how you arrived at now Works with traffic just as well as the rest of life. Yes, but the extra height was it's undoing for me Sat atop one a short time ago, and it would have to be lowered at least 3" or my weight increased 30 or 40 pounds for me to do more than tiptoe one foot at a stop.

Now to see whether the new Honda will work out.

Yamaha XT250 Thread - All things related to the XT from riding to modifications.

What about the KLXS? I have that and the seat height is not as tall as the WR It is one of the bikes that was in contention 4 years ago, when I bought the C14 instead. Yes, different market segment, but you know how SMAS can be Nowadays, though, I'm looking at fuel injection first, which Kawasaki hasn't put on any dual sports yet.

Depends on how far off pavement you plan to venture. If your riding will be on smoother surfaces, the XT will be the more versatile machine. If you plan to challenge rougher terrain, the WR will have the advantage. The WR is much closer to an enduro. If you are going to deal with rocky trails, steep ish climbs, ruts and ledges, the WR is worth the extra cash. The only thing keeping me off one is the maintenance Still that bike is just The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.

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Less More. I have a non starter bought used, no known history. Ran it a few days around the neighbor and it no longer starts from a bump or kick. I do have spark, gas through carb. Started to pull the top end out and the manual says to pull the alternator out. Its that step necessary? RT Collector. If plug is wet i wonder if it's just flooded up for some reason. After saying that, maybe you're keen to pull the motor apart anyway!!.

xt250 forum

Have an old TT myself--same horse essentially. Yamaguy Mini Enduro. Hi, I have an XTK Oceania model, essentially the same except you have the added emissions items and non adjustable idle mixture screw for the CA model. I Have had mine for 15 years and have encountered a few scenarios. Below is a guide of things to look out for. Compression should be around psi for the XT with the engine hot and with the throttle wide openkicked until you get the highest reading usually up to 8 kicks otherwise you will get a lower reading.

Make sure you check your valve clearances first while cold and that they are not tight, do this while the engine is at TDC on the compression stroke. Having said that the engine should still run with psi but will run like crap and probably blow lots of blue smoke.

The bike normally won't wake up the next day and decide to have a low compression day if it was running ok the day before ,unless it died on its own accord due to lack of lubrication or a burnt valve due to incorrect clearances. These bikes are famously renown for rusty fuel tanks and the rust clogging the fuel petcock and carb jets and passages.

I now have an inline filter to minimise that. Full carb kit was then installed. Spark, start with the obvious and check that it sparks at the plug, if none, change spark plug and try again, I've seen so many plugs that look good but weren't. Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helps. Reason: spelling. How's this for a worn out TT cam.The year-old Yamaha Serow first appeared in as the XT The popular, lightweight dual sport took many riders from the streets to scenic roads and trails, receiving subtle updates until its overhaul in as the larger Yamaha XT Japanese customers willing to pay extra can also opt for the adventure-ready Touring Serow package which includes a windscreen with a multi-purpose mounting bar, hand guards, a rear luggage rack, and an aluminum skid plate.

It has a five-speed transmission, fuel capacity of 9. Only time will tell. One thing's for sure: the Serow will be missed. Previous Motorcycle News. Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor conclude their long trip to through the Americas onboard electric bikes.

TVS has just acquired Norton Motorcycles. Another British icon now owned by the Indians. Tarlac Police confiscated 54 horns on motorcycles calling them 'loud' citing Presidential Decree Read Part 2 of our tips on how to ride safer, more courteously, and more considerate of others in traffic. Total lockdown is an option, according to the government, if COVID cases continue to rise despite the enhanced community quarantine.

The new Yamaha Tmax is coming later this year with updates to its styling and engine. Motorcycle News. Jenna Genio View More Articles. Brando Rosales Tags: adventure bike dual sport serow final edition yamaha yamaha serow yamaha xt serow. Another British icon now owned by the Indians Brando Rosales.

Brando Rosales. Inigo S. You can still use your big bike to stay fit. Total lockdown an option - Roque Total lockdown is an option, according to the government, if COVID cases continue to rise despite the enhanced community quarantine.

Featuring daily headlines and breaking news from the Philippine motorcycle industry and around the world. All Rights Reserved. Visit our affiliate websites: AutoIndustriya.Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Tags: xt RL LemkeSep 23, A thread where XT owners and people interested in the XT can share experiences, rides, modifications, enhancements and any related topics. This can hopefully be a photo rich, friendly and fun thread.

I'll start out by offering why I purchased a XT Now that I'm in the Social Security time of life, it was time to find a bike for slow exploration over the next 15 or so years.

Yamaha XT250 Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement

A bike that is my kind of exercise, as opposed to sweaty gym clubs. Daily trail rides on the hundreds of miles of trails surrounding my upcoming home out west. A motorcycle that has a low seat height which allows me to easily deploy my outriggers to keep control in technical sections.

Sufficient ground clearance to clear the logs and rocks in the trail. A price low enough to afford the modifications necessary to every motorcycle to make it perfect for my use. Standard dirt bike tire sizes allow a huge variety of tire options for different conditions and riding.

xt250 forum

Why did you select the XT? SkooterGlennRGravyEater and 2 others like this. Numerous OHV trail systems and endless Forest Service roads, many are in reality Jeep trails, in the two national forests offer so many options that travel to the Ozarks is well worth the effort.

Far less populated than east of the Mississippi allows far more alone time than any trails further east. All of the Ozark systems are perfect for the XT because it is capable in the gnarly sections yet street legal for all the connections. Here are the great paved roads: Expand to all the Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri Ozarks and the options really add up. This map includes the adventure routes.

Connections like this are transited without question with the XT tag. Countless water crossings, sometimes very deep, await you. Make sure you have handguards to protect your levers because dirt naps happen. Plenty of local color. All the color of back east, but without all the crowds. Plenty of places to stop for gas and a bite.

While not the elevation changes as in the west, there are plenty of ups and downs.

Yamaha ends XT250 run with the 2020 Serow Final Edition

ADV Sponsors. Take the Lost Coast of California, a place with everything from towering redwoods to very remote Pacific Ocean with mountains between. So many miles of unpaved backroads for exploring. All perfect for the XT because of the relative compact nature of the area. Close to many motels and lots of camping. With a couple of paved roads penetrating the area. This is one of the best pavement sections: Load up your XT and travel to the Lost Coast and spend a week exploring the area.

It will change your life.With electric start and low seat height for added comfort, the XT is light, nimble and reliable. Light, nimble, reliable with electric start, the XT is the perfect travel companion — on or off-road.

Whether commuting to work or hitting the back country for a day of exploring, the ultra-reliable XT is a fun loving dual sport that is easy to ride. Your adventure starts here.

Equipped to handle a multitude of riding conditions that range from city streets to country roads and dirt trails, lengthy adventures await the XT thanks to its estimated average fuel economy of 76 mpg. It does not include the weight of options or accessories. Wet weight is useful in making real-world comparisons with other models. Team Suzuki Press Office — July The Suzuki Gixxer Cup has gained a reputation for perpetually raising the bar since its inception inand now in its third year, Suzuki has teamed-up […].

Team Suzuki Press Office — April 7. Alex Rins: 5th — You must be logged in to post a comment. News Ticker. Electric starting. Clutch lever pull is light and easy. Adjustable link Monocross rear suspension with mm 7. About Michael Le Pard Articles. Owner and Founder of Total Motorcycle. Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 21 great years. Total Motorcycle is my pride and joy and being able to reach out million people has been incredible but I could not have done it without the support of my visitors, readers and members, thank you so much!

You are making a difference to millions of riders worldwide. Thank you. Next Yamaha TW Guide. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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