Is ftb revelation good

A Dimension in Minecraft is a huge procedurally-generated world to explore. In the vanilla game, there are three dimensions: the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. Many mods add new dimensions, including the possibility for the player to create many custom dimensions in the same save. This page was last modified on 9 Augustat Wiki Forums Members Chat. Read Edit View history Page Discussion. Traveling one block in the Nether is equivalent to traveling eight blocks in the Overworld.

Overworld 0 initial spawn The standard Minecraft world, with myriad biomes and standard ore generation. Dimensions added by mods [ edit ] These are Dimensions only available if the relevant mods are installed: Dimension DIM-ID Mod Access Description Age varies Mystcraft Descriptive Book Fully customizable dimensions, these can have features such as eternal day, no weather, and instability. Terrain generation can be anything from a complete void to a replica of the Overworld, but will always contain a spawn platform and Abandoned Libraries.

Needs the RFTools teleportation system to get there. Most Ore generation is doubled, but hostile mobs are stronger and can spawn regardless of light level. Additionally, any player that strays too far from a light source will take damage from the darkness itself.

Revelation Server Hosting

This dimension is a very noticeable reference to Chrono Trigger, but it is also a great place to just build for people who like to build in void dimensions. It's all just evil cows. Filled with bedrock that is incredibly fast to mine and a high density of ore.

Dreaming in the Spirit World can come in two forms, a good dream or a Nightmare. Disturbed Cotton though can be gathered to make a Dream Weaver of Nightmares to make the chances of a good dream better. Then, they must battle it until it has half of its health depleted health points, or hearts of health points. When this point is reached, the player and boss will be teleported into the dimension.

The Torment Dimension is a series of mazes with treasure rooms 3 per maze and the floors of the paths made from Torment Stone.Forums New posts Search forums.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best food source? DRH New Member. What would be the best food source, that has the most nutristion and hunger points, and is easy to get hold of and automate a gathering system.

I find myself constantly starving to death, and I am to lazy to go and slaughter a bunch of cows. Also maybe from bees? Maybe somthing like a cow spawned or a auto breeding system?

Low fps on good pc (i already posted one but didnt help)

Info: Direwolf20 Pack Well into the pack, don't have steel yet, but have nether and lots of diamonds. Bibble New Member. It would really depend on your setup. Then I tend to move onto apples when my tree farm is producing enough.

Although I'll use potatoes and carrots if there's a huge gap between the two. I have used mushrooms, but don't like how the bowls don't stack, I know the bonemeal trick. I have a village nearby, raided all their plants, but what I'm trying to avoid is long growing times. Exedra New Member. I have a wheat farm supplying an auto honeyed slice maker. Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User. I'm living on IC2 recyclers and the scrapbox lottery. You'll get cooked chicken, beef, pork and filled tin cans.

I've got plenty of food and not a single animal farm. SeniLiX New Member.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity.

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Infinite Power Generation - Thermal Expansion - FTB Revelation - Episode 12

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Please make sure you are posting in the correct place. Server ads go here and modpack bugs go here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Revelation, another useless FTB pack. Thread starter Jreid27 Start date Jan 3, Jreid27 Guest.

FTB Revelation Servers

This pack is the exact same waste of time that FTB Beyond is. I would love for the FTB people to explain themselves with the past few years of content developement, ok maybe it's just my nobody opinion but im just saying. I can understand them from a developmental point but no other. Here's to going back to 'Hurry up and wait' for the FTB people to stop messing around and put out the next version of their most successful pack. FTB Infinity expert. Pyure Not Totally Useless.

Jreid27 said:. Also, the FTB kitchen sinks are a good point to start if you are planning a pack as they have lots of mods in them with the dependencies needed so you take try out all new newest mods and see what you might like to include in your latest extra-large Frankenstein pack. It's the oregen, that's the whole problem with all modpacks In almost every modpack, you can find every ore in every chunk.

Talk about a prescription for boredom There's no need! But in GregTech, the ores are clumped together into big regions To find all the other ores, you have to get out and explore for them, and there are many such different ore groups to find. I wish modpack designers would understand that "vanilla" oregen makes for incredibly boring modpacks.

But they don't seem to get it at all, they just keep doing the same things every iteration. Thank you Gregorious T for being the one mod developer who actually gets it right!!! FTB and Greg had a major "falling out" back around the time of v1.Forgot Password?

Building safe nuclear reactors

Magic and technology take an equal role in your goals as mods work together to advance your abilities and complete your projects. Work towards almost god-like power with a variety of tools and abilities at your disposal.

is ftb revelation good

With so much to do, it makes sense to bring your friends. Someone can master a storage system while another builds an ultimate blood magic altar. Or work together in draconic evolution and fight the chaos dragon. If you are having problems with FTB Revelation contact support. Create StickyPiston Account.

Rich tech and magic. Experience a Revelation! A vast selection of mods for you to enjoy with your friends on your Minecraft server. Why play FTB Revelation? Massive range of mods to play through. Achieve greatness your way. Technology and magic work together to advance. Explore and innovate with a variety of options.

Why play FTB Revelation on a server? Start a free trial of FTB Revelation right now for 24 hours. You can relax with our Day Moneyback Guarantee on all server orders. Made your own modpack?

Unlimited and free modpack updates including testing and fixes. Server crashed? Send us a ticket and we can fix it Complete smart device compatibility - Manage your server anywhere. Total Peace of Mind Custom modpack support is what we do. A dedicated support team that can explain optimisations, carry out requests and help you understand your server better. Server check-ins carried out by human beings that ensure you stay lag and crash free.This page is a walkthrough guide that is meant to help you get started with playing the modpack by introducing its various mods little by little as you progress through the game.

The guide covers the 3. There are many reasons for trying out modded Minecraft. You might have seen videos or streams of people playing modded and found it intriguing. Maybe your friend plays this modpack and wants you to play with them. Whatever your motivation may be, I hope you find this guide useful in helping you get acquainted with the basics that FTB Revelation can offer you!

Of course, you do not need to follow this guide to start playing. This step-by-step guide is only intended to provide you with some hand-holding early on if anything is confusing you. You can also stray away from the guide at any point as soon as you feel like you would rather discover things for yourself.

After all, this is an open-world sandbox game — isn't that kind of the point? If you have any constructive criticism, feedback or comments regarding this guide, you can post it in the Discussion page.

You are also free to make further edits, updates and additions to this guide if you wish. After all, this is a wiki — isn't that kind of the point? The easiest way to get into modded Minecraft and FTB Revelation is by installing a modpack launcher and using that launcher to access all your modpacks you wish to play. It is free, open-source and available for Windows, macOS and Linux. These ideals are followed in order to create a guide that is accessible, optimized and of high quality.

Of course, if you don't mind wasting some resources or time or abusing some animals, nothing can stop you from branching out to the dark side. When you first spawn, you should start out with an Akashic Tome in your inventory.

Click the right mouse button with the tome in your hand to display a list of in-game manuals for various mods included in the modpack. Select a manual from the list and the Akashic Tome will transform into that manual, which you can then access with the right mouse button.

To reset the Akashic Tome back to the manual list mode, point the manual at the sky or empty space and click the left mouse button.

is ftb revelation good

Probably the first manuals that you are going to use are Materials and Youa book about the Tinkers' Construct mod, and its Armory Addendumanother book covering Construct's Armorythe armor crafting add-on for Tinkers' Construct.

The Forge Lexicon might also come of use if you ever need to convert some resources to different mod variants, like changing Marble from Quark to Marble from Astral Sorcery. Feel free to check out the rest too if you want.Some contain long-term playability, and fun short-term playability for you to mess around with or grind on. The list is influenced by how popular it is on CurseForget. As the title says this Modpack is heavily focused on how villages work, of course it has additional features for exploring and quest-like gameplay on top of that.

The two known big mods that are contained in this pack are Millenaire and Minecolonies, changing how village systems work and also giving you the ability to create your own colony to prosper, all under your very control. Additional features, as what I said are mostly exploration, agricultural and quest related content, with new Mobs, new content for your agricultural task and Daily quest with leveling to keep you entertained in your Minecraft world. Life in the village is a relatively small Modpack with features just to make things feel more alive.

The Modpack contains newer dungeons whether underground or on the surface, multiple new dimensions including the notorious Aether dimension and of course, RPG style gameplay elements, e.

Be a wizard, magical spells, skills, quests, reward systems, better gear and more! All to entertain you as an adventurer to journey around your world and grind your way to conquest. This is where you need this Modpack, which has enough content available to entertain your farming needs, due to it solely being the only big farming Modpack available at your doorstep, it is the best to have.

Keep in mind that this farming Modpack is to cater to people who are more into the style of games like Stardew valley or equivalent, depicting the style of gameplay into the Minecraft World. This is a relatively new mod, though it has been accumulating popularity over the years due to its RPG aspects, hence the title of the modpack.

The modpack is a heavy-duty pack meaning it requires a bit more resources from your PC to run smoothly though in the end, it will be worth it as the content and features this pack throws at you is unlimited, plentiful hours of gameplay just for you to have fun and explore in the world and experiment on new available content.

I, too have tried out this pack and it was great with my family. This pack is known to being the equivalent of the popular FTB IE:E modpack, being compared a lot to the old outdated modpack, Continuum is here to give you a fresh new challenging experience to achieve utter conquest in the world of Minecraft.

Modpacks like these give you quest, rewards, and so on to keep on playing, a goal to achieve so you can keep on finding reasons to play. Give this modpack a try as we all need that big challenges in Minecraft. If you like survival challenges with grinding and goals to aim for. Stoneblock is just the right pack for you. Similar to Skyblock being in the sky with a small blocky island, Stoneblock places you in a world full of stone, surrounded by stone, you need to find a way to survive, craft, mine, create and conquer the stone world.

is ftb revelation good

Skyfactory 4 is a Skyblock themed Modpack that literally has a total new experience in playing survival Minecraft. There is a vast amount of different world types to choose and challenge yourself into surviving especially the well-known survival challenges like SkyGrid.

SkyFactory contains mods that give you varieties of content from tech or magic to explore on and craft for your needs while you survive in the sky. I recommend this modpack as it does have a long-term playability and has always been enjoyable for the community. There are a lot of Modpacks that I would consider as a top 1 but SevTech takes the place due to its concept, playability and enjoyment. When a modpack has a start and end goal, it attracts players who aim to achieve things in the game.

SevTech fulfills that by allowing the player to have a goal, not just 1, but multiple sub-goals to achieve and progress throughout the gameplay to achieve end game. In this pack, you start with nothing the stone ageto grind to the point where you accomplish superior advancements in technology Space.

That is what makes this modpack standout as it has that playability for the player to grind and find a reason to keep playing because they want to achieve great lengths with this pack.A nuclear reactor is a multiblock structure that is used to generate power for the IndustrialCraft 2 mod.

Nuclear reactors can be a small as a single block and scale up to a 5x5x5 structure for Fluid Reactors. Equipping the Hazmat Suit is necessary to avoid radiation damage while holding radioactive items. A nuclear reactor is constructed by placing a Nuclear Reactor block, and optionally surrounding it with up to 6 Reactor Chambers.

Right-click on the reactor to access its internal inventory, which will be a grid that is 3x6 for a single reactor block to 9x6 for a full 6 reactor chamber build. Place Fuel Rods in the grid along with other reactor components. Applying a redstone signal to any part of the nuclear reactor will turn it on, and the Fuel Rods will start to generate heat and Energy Units EU. Generated EU is not stored; if there is no cable or EU storage device with free capacity attached to the reactor the generated EU will be lost.

Fuel Rods have a durability value proportional to their lifespan in seconds. Uranium Fuel Rods have a starting damage value of 20, The EU efficiency of a Fuel Rod starts at 1, and increases by 1 for each adjacent neutron source, and the Heat Output is computed as where is the number of adjacent rods.

Dual Fuel Rods count as two fuel rods that are each adjacent to a fuel rod and Quad Fuel Rods counts as four fuel rods arranged so each fuel rod are adjacent to two others in its group.

In an operating nuclear reactor Fuel Rods will try to dump all their generated heat into adjacent components first if those components accept heat i. If there are no suitable adjacent components, the heat is instead diverted into the reactors hull. The reactors hull has a default heat capacity of 10,—exceeding this will cause the reactor to explode with devastating consequences.

A typical explosion will destroy most blocks around the reactor within a block radius in all directions. A full Hazmat Suit should be equipped when near a hot reactor to mitigate character damaging effects. Therefore, it is important to vent excess heat from the reactor, which can be done with reactor components.

Components can vent heat into the air around the reactor, transfer heat from the hull into themselves, and exchange heat with their neighbors. If, for any reason, more heat is transferred into a component that transferred out, this is represented as damage to the component; damaged components will self-repair if given the opportunity to transfer more heat out than in, such as if an overheating reactor is turned off.

This is the basis of unstable reactors, which are run with a pulsed on-off cycle. These fuel rods only have a durability value of 10, and last half as long as Uranium-based Fuel Rods.

However, they gain bonus efficiency from the Reactor's Hull heat. Then, fill the reactor with a stable design that includes no components that cool the Hull. The following components are typically used for cooling in reactors that maintain a stable Hull Heat level.

This reactor has been pre-heated to Fluid reactors are a 5x5x5 multiblock structure. They do not produce Energy Units but rather the Heat - that was such an annoyance in the normal reactor, is now the output. Additionally, the heat output of Fuel Rods is doubled.

The increased heat output is not visible to reactor components such as heat vents and exchangers. A fluid reactor consists of a 5x5x5 shell of Reactor Pressure Vessel blocks around a fully formed 3x3x3 reactor. A supply of IC2 coolant is crucial to the operation of a fluid reactor.

As reactor vents now heat coolant, if the supply of coolant runs out the vents instead vent their heat back into the hull of the reactor where it can build up and ultimately lead to catastrophic failure.

Each unit of heat vented from the reactor will convert 1mB of coolant to hot coolant and this can be ejected from the reactor via Reactor Fluid Ports or Universal Fluid Cells can be provided to pipe coolant as an item.

is ftb revelation good

Steam is ejected into an adjacent Steam Turbine automatically.

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