Classic typewriter font

Free typewriter fonts are a great way to incorporate some vintage-style in to a design. Evoking images of furiously typing secretaries, glamorous parties and life-changing telegrams: free typewriter fonts bring an authenticity that propels any project to a new level of retro style.

Although Courier is probably the most widely used and best known font of this type, having been available everywhere even since the advent of electricity, there are loads of other equally striking and perhaps more individual typewriter fonts to choose from. Here, we've scoured the internet to find 24 free typewriter fonts that will help bring the spirit of the past to your designs. We've also got a list of the best paid-for typewriter fonts available too.

If a typewriter font isn't what you need for your most recent project, why not take a look at our comprehensive roundup of free fontswhich includes graffiti fonts and handwriting fontsall available to download today.

Rough Typewriter Font does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a classic free typewriter font that's a bit rough around the edges.

20+ Best Classic Typewriter Fonts With Old (Vintage) Machine Styles

Great for times you want a touch of rough 'n' ready imperfection, it comes in four versions including bold and italic and is free for personal use, but needs a commercial license.

A slightly softer aesthetic, rounded and verging on bubble-like in places, this warm font stands out from the rest. Created for a personal project by Cumberland Fontworksit is free for personal use and you can contact the author if you would like to discuss using it for wider distribution.

The Conspiracy font makes us imagine secret government files full of covertly written letters about Area Slightly quirky and lots of fun, this typewriter font is totally free and has emassed over 71, downloads to date.

Stampwriter-Kit was created from a typewriter style stamp kit and has that lovely smudgy-stampy feel. It comes in upper-case letters only for that perfect 'branded' stamp effect. This typewriter font looks old and worn out.

We love its sketch-like quality that brings an artistic feel to the clogged up aesthetic. It comes in a complete set of alphabetical and numercial characters and is totally free for all types of use. Trashtype is a bit like Courier, but with a distressed twist. Beautifully eroded, it looks awesome on textured paper and has a weathered feel to it.

The characters include a Latin supplement. It's free for personal use but contact designer David Kerkhoff if you want to use if professionally.

Named after a popular series of typewriters in postwar Germany, Gabriele is sure to be a hit with web users as well. With a distinctive texture that evokes old typewriter ribbons, this monospaced font requires no kerning, and just like the rest below it's free for commercial use.

Complete with wonky rectangular borders, Xerography is the go-to font if you're looking to recreate the shape of old-fashioned typewriter hammers. This font makes great use of negative space, so it should work on any background colour you choose.

Thanks to its fuzzy, glitchy finish, the Happy Days font is the perfect way to age your typography. This font set comes with the whole alphabet in upper and lower case, plus every number and a limited selection of symbols and accented words. This slightly messy, grungy font makes us think of how a typewritten letter would look in a comic strip. Bold and cramped, it is striking in its irregular formation. Free for personal use, but not for distribution. One for the old romantic in you! The Love Letter font harks back to a time when typewriters were used to spill out our feelings for our loved ones.

Use this if you want to put a bit of romance and old school passion into your designs. And, like all the typewriter fonts on this list, it's absolutely free! A thicker, more bold typewriter font, CarbonType is perfect for typewriter headlines and large straps. It might prove difficult to use this typewriter font in content, so we'd stick to the larger typography projects if we were you.

Special Elite takes the vintage style of typewriter fonts and moves it closer to the digital age.Pay homage to the past with beautiful typography. Check out this selection of premium typewriter fonts. Punching each keystroke required a level of effort many young creatives will never witness. And now you can celebrate your favorite vintage styles with high-quality typewriter fonts. From grunge textures to bold fonts, these styles are exceptionally versatile. Add a little grit or retro texture to your invitations, posters, and book covers with a simple typewriter font.

Enjoy this collection of premium assets created by our talented community. Looking for a modern typewriter font? Then check out the incredible Manson font family.

Featuring a series of light, regular, and bold styles, this font family is well designed for a clean result. Create an expressive campaign that matches your brand with the Manson font family. Design bold headers and paragraphs with this Catalina typewriter font. This typeface features a classic typewriter look with a cool hand-drawn twist. Explore six amazing font styles to fit your needs. Choose from light, regular, and bold styles.

Write messages with mystery. The Enigma typewriter font helps you recreate old documents and letters with vintage precision. Inspired by the Enigma German typewriter machine, this font is full of character and charm. Check it out on stationery and posters.

Featuring actual text made with an antique Oliver courier typewriter, this font uses three alternatives for each letter. You can also enable additional contextual alternatives to make the letters change as you type.

Make your mark on the world with this vintage typeface. The Postmark typewriter font is handcrafted and well-designed. Featuring a modern typewriter vibe with extra texture, this epic typeface includes both regular and rough styles.

classic typewriter font

Add it to your retro posters today! Inspired by a famous typewriter, this font looks just like the real thing.Typewriter fonts are awesome. Though their legibility on screens is generally better at bigger sizes, and are ideal rather for headlines, logotypes and short texts than long body text, the results they produce are most of the time amazing. We gathered the best typewriter fonts and included them into this nifty useful collection. Good legibility even at smaller sizes.

In this section we included fonts available from other sources than Google Fonts. With one exception Conspiracy fontall the fonts in this list are also available for download as pre-made webfont kits. A great distressed grunge typewriter font with rough edges and a natural feel.

Created by directly scanning the letters produced by a Samsonite typewriter. Fully metric compatible with Times, Helvetica and Courier. Includes full support for WGL4 character set and most of W1G, missing only the interrobang and some subscript and superscript symbols.

Includes a whopping 17 styles. Derived from the famous Computer Modern fonts created by Donald E. Knuth, and first published by the American Mathematical Society in It mimics a typewriter with a few crooked keys and a ribbon that is running out of ink.

Typewriter Fonts

Best effect is achieved at larger sizes. Clean typewriter font with latin diacritics support. A nice grunge rough typewriter font.

classic typewriter font

A rough grunge typeface, with quirks such as ink spots for lowercase G that give it a natural feel. A great monospace designed for programmers and code formatting. A great monospace modern typewriter font with clean lines. A smudgy rough typewriter font with grungy style. A lightly distressed typewriter font with a natural look. A rather interesting quirky typewriter font family with 3 styles, including one style that looks like censored text. Home Blog Best free typewriter fonts Language support : Latin, Latin Extended Styles : 1 weight Regular Download Free typewriter fonts from other sources In this section we included fonts available from other sources than Google Fonts.

Language support : Latin please check font download page for the exact languages Styles : 1 weight Regular Download CarbonType Created by directly scanning the letters produced by a Samsonite typewriter. Language support : Latin Extended please check font download page for the exact languages Styles : 1 weight Regular Download Harting It mimics a typewriter with a few crooked keys and a ribbon that is running out of ink. Language support : Latin please check font download page for the exact languages Styles : 1 weight Regular Download Jack Input Clean typewriter font with latin diacritics support.

Language support : Latin Extended please check font download page for the exact languages Styles : 3 styles Regular, Italic, Bold Download Envy Code R A great monospace designed for programmers and code formatting. Language support : Latin Extended please check this page for the exact languages Styles : 3 styles Regular, Italic, Bold Download Courier Prime A great monospace modern typewriter font with clean lines.

Language support : Latin Extended please check font download page for the exact languages Styles : 1 weight Regular Download Underwood Champion A lightly distressed typewriter font with a natural look. Language support : Latin Extended please check font download page for the exact languages Styles : 1 weight Regular Download Conspiracy A rather interesting quirky typewriter font family with 3 styles, including one style that looks like censored text.

Best free handwriting fonts from Google Fonts The variety of clients that we come in contact with generate a multitude and mixed type of projects. Typography defines typefaces as combined font families where each member comes with glyphs that have common design properties. ITC Garamond, on its own behalf, looks differently that Monotype Garamond or Adobe Garamond, as these are its alternative updates created for digitalisation purposes, while the font itself can be traced to the early 16 th century.

At the moment, there are countless different typefaces and typewriter fonts available, and newer ones are emerging as we speak. Designing typefaces is a separate craft and art in the creative world, usually referred to as type design. The artists in charge of it are known as type designers, and their role is to support the work of type foundries.

In the age of fully digitized typography, these professionals are also required to design typewriter fonts. Obviously, the best way to make text look typewritten is to actually use a typewriter.

Once your document is ready, you can scan it, and still get to use it in a digital version. Image source: Georgy Pashkov. As we mentioned before, typefaces consist of glyphs, and each glyph is used to represent a different letter, number, symbol, or punctuation mark.

These glyphs can then be made to work for all sorts of characters in diverse scripts — the Roman uppercase A, for instance, is identical to the Greek uppercase alpha, and the Cyrillic uppercase A. There are also unique typefaces that were created to serve special purposes, as for instance astrology, mathematics, map-making, and so on.

classic typewriter font

Typefaces were often confused for fonts, but in the era of digital typography and online publishing people find it much easier to distinguish between them and to understand their meaning. In the work of real typewriters, one uses a machine to press letters onto paper sheets. The effects of your work will be more subtle than harsh, and inject a realistic vibe that the font was pressed onto the paper instead of being brought to float over it. You can make it less or more prominent, depending on the nature of your work and your personal preferences.

What font looks like a typewriter font? To help answer this question, we conducted an online research on the best paid and free typewriter fonts, and preselected those that have the potential to make your design look more retro!

Free vintage typewriter fonts to use in 2020

The lettering is flat, clean, and appealing, and consists of monospaced sans serifs types with different weights. You can get in 5 separate weights, including thick and traditional styles.

Smith-Premier Typewriter is a family of playful, warmly-toned fonts that suit the needs of artistic projects and creative designs. It makes use of slim and lightweight serifs, and it beautifies them with unique curls. If looking for the perfect hand-drawn font, Old Typewriter is a self-explanatory choice. It is in fact a kit of rough and old-fashioned fonts, and helps turn even the simplest project into a masterpiece of vintage aesthetics.

Grandpas Typewriter relies on both its name and looks to inspire a retro feeling, and helps make any type of content look aged and valuable. Its secret is that it was originally created on a genuine Olivetti Typewriter machine, and has preserved much of its amazing, lightly distressed regular version. Another thing that makes it extremely popular nowadays is that it features an X version with tests, stains, and mistakes. Baltimore Typewriter is the perfect alternative for those interested in a bold font, as it puts even four distinct font styles on the table.

You can choose anything from a classic version to custom typewriter keys, or even use its extra bold variations. It is commonly applied and conserved appropriate for professional and academic content, but you can also consider it for creative work. Lettre will attract you with its geometric serif letters, but also notable imperfections that make it reminiscent of hand-writing. It is trendy and appealing, and suits well all types of content. Those of you familiar with the Special Elite Type No.

NR6 will easily recognize Special Elie Pro, an elegant and vintage typewriter font that inject a warm vibe, and provides users with an extensive set of symbols and figures.Typewriter fonts make a gorgeously retro statement in vintage designs. Although Courier is the most well-known font of this kind, there are loads of other typewriter-inspired fonts around that are a more unusual choice for your design.

The selection we have made here are all paid-for options, for times when you need something a bit more unique or special. But if you are on a budget and have no budget! We also have a great collection of retro fontsif you realise you would like the vintage vibe but without the typewriter.

We've scoured the internet to find the very best paid-for typewriter fonts that are worth shelling out for to ensure your retro designs have that cutting edge. So let's get started. This classic, mechanical font was constructed by hand.

Not all of the characters are uniformly straight which gives it a jaunty feel, whilst remaining classic enough to evoke feelings of Agatha Christie novels. This font is based on an old Danish typewriter called "olympia traveller de luxe". The portable typewriter was manufactured in the post-war period in Western Germany and had line setting and spacing features that were usually available only on larger full-sized machines. If a grungy typewriter feel is what you're after, you can't go wrong with Trixie — one of the oldest FontFont typefaces.

Until recently, its origin was unknown. It was raised in The Hague by 'foster father' Erik van Blokland. But who conceived it?

The book 'Made with FontFont' finally provided the answer. Trixie's 'mother font' was called Triumph Durabel, and was born in Nuremberg in around The flat lettering is clean and beautiful. This monospaced sans serif typeface is available in a variety of different weights. Created by designer Iza W, this classic typewriter font is great for mimicking the sloppy ink effect of older machines. Available in five different weights, Olivetti offers a traditional typewriter style.

A version of the classic Courier font, Courier M is a typewriter typeface, designed by Howard Kettler in Paulo W is the type designer behind Erased Typewriter 2, a distressed font, great for creating authentic feel. Customise your designs with a choice of four weights; regular, bold, italic and underscore. A beautiful and classical lightweight typewriter font, with a hint of class and unconventional characteristics throughout the letterforms.

Far removed from the traditional bulky ink spilt typewriter style, this clean alternative is a great way to combine traditional design with much more technological visuals. The P22 typewriter font was based on a typeface originally used within a 20th century German document.

This is a classical and authentic style that will appeal to all design needs.This collection includes the best vintage, grunge, distressed, and smudgy typewriter fonts.

I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use. View on Google Fonts. Home Blog Free fonts collections Free vintage typewriter fonts to use in You might also find interesting Free vintage newspaper font Free modern typewriter fonts. Stampwriter-Kit by Colm Clafferty Created from a typewriter style stamp kit. The lowercase characters are generally more eroded.

Splendid 66 by Johan Holmdahl Includes 3 styles Download. Multilingual support. Recommended to use font size between 18 and Veteran Typewriter by Magique Fonts Download. Draconian Typewriter by Nicolas Coronado Download. Schreibmaschine by Vladimir Nikolic Download. Moms Typewriter by Christoph Mueller Download. Harting by David Rakowski Download. You can also get the Kingthings Trypewriter Pro version for a very low price.

Free modern typewriter fonts to use in Free Thanksgiving fonts from Google Fonts to use in Free Thanksgiving fonts and icon fonts to use in Free funny Halloween icon fonts to use in Best free programming fonts to use in Much like retro fonts, typewriter fonts are a popular choice to incorporate into vintage-style designs. Courier is probably the best known font of this type but there However, there's also a place for "typewriter" fonts.

Typewriter Font

On this page you will find several such fonts, which are You can make a typewriter font too Instant downloads for free typewriter fonts. Typewriter fonts are a popular choice to incorporate into vintage and retro designs. Courier is probably the best known font of this type but there are many other Show variants. Download Classic Typewriter font free for Windows and Mac.

Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Check it for free with Typograph. Most popular fonts. Hide Show Add to Favorite Download. Copperplate Gothic Linotype. Linotype Originals Library Linotype. Monotype Elements Monotype.

Best free typewriter fonts 2019

Monotype Display Type Bundle Monotype. Typewriter Revo Matthias Luh. Typewriter BasiX Matthias Luh. Colon Mono TipografiaRamis. Letter Gothic 12 Pitch ParaType. Prestige 12 Pitch Bitstream.

classic typewriter font

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