Afk mock test

Dear ConfiDentist doctors. New AFK course is open for registration! We do this by offering a number of theoretical preparatory courses that are designed to target different aspects of the exams which are essential in preparation to get a Canadian dental license.

We are committed to help our candidates develop the confidence to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and professional competence required by the licensing authorities. Our courses are offered in packages that are designed to cover the different angles of the exams.

She took several courses to extend her knowledge and experience in dentistry and has a strong commitment to upgrading herself He maintained his private practice for two years in India before moving to Australia to obtain his Diploma in Dental She received the elite student award of the university two times in and Soon after graduation she moved to canada and was one of the high ranked score Paul Hu graduated from Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital, India in with honours and soon after moved to Canada where he passed his Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge exams with a high score in February on the first Our high quality theoretical preparatory courses are designed to address essential exams to get a Canadian dental license easily.

Our courses are priced at a rate to optimize your success at the lowest affordable rate, a road to your success. Our mock exams are designed to target different aspects of the exams in which you get used to very similar actual exam. Our Courses are about to begin. Now you can register all courses online or offline by sending us your payments.

Confidentist Dentist Training Courses Canada. Contact us. Study Smart, Practice with ConfiDence. New Courses are on. Enrol Now. Dental Courses. Continue Education.Engaging, conceptual videos to build lasting knowledge that can be revised easily. Handwritten notes according to the video lectures on app to assist studying and make revisions faster. Q Bank and Simulation Tests on authentic pattern with rich explanations, that are attempted by more than 60, students.

We will not leave you confused. Your doubts will be replied by the Dream team themselves on app and Social Media. Adaptive software that recognizes the learning potential of individual student and gives customized improvement tips to help them get better. Being at the forefront of medical education gives us an obligation to provide students with only the best. Our goal is not only to prepare you for the exam, but to help you become a better doctor.

Colored Notes for Easy Revision Handwritten notes according to the video lectures on app to assist studying and make revisions faster. Doubt Support We will not leave you confused.

High Quality Content Hight yield content created by experiend faculties.

afk mock test

Maximum Competitors The largest pan India test series with real exam software. Faculty Support Doubts answered by experts in 24 working hours. Are you ready to start your journey?Current and historic fee schedules can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

The Western Financial Aid Office can help students meet their educational goals. For detailed information, please see the Office of the Registrar website. We can also provide you with a Letter of Enrollment to use to obtain a professional student loan. Due to the current COVID pandemic, the exam date has been post-poned and will take place at a date yet to be determined. A maximum of 40 of the top candidates will be notified via email of their in-person interview date.

Due to the high volume of applications received each year, we are not able to hold your spot for the future. In order to be considered for the next academic cycle, you must re-submit a new application, fee and all up-to-date supporting documentation by the deadline date.

Past Papers Questions of ADC/NBDE and NDEB with Answers and Explanations (Download Pdf)

Yes, you must have permanent resident status or Canadian Citizenship at the time of applying to the program. We cannot process your application if any of the documents are missing or out of date. Results are valid for 2 years from the date of the test. Notarized transcripts must be submitted. The decision of the ITD Committee is final and there is no appeal process. No feedback can be given. You may apply to the ITD Program as often as you wish.

We strongly urge you to take copies or have multiple certified copies made of your documents, not only for your own records but also should you require them again for other purposes.

Previously submitted applications, including all documents, are archived and destroyed. We require a numerical score. It is not necessary to have post-graduate clinical experience in order to apply. However it may be considered during the final selection process. Faculty Staff. FAQs What are the tuition costs? This is a very competitive program with a limited enrollment of a maximum of 20 students.

AFK examinations written in the past 3 years will be accepted. Valid test dates for application are AugustFebruaryAugustFebruaryAugustFebruaryand August Tests taken prior to August will not be considered.Get all the information you need to take the next step in your career.

Our instructors are licensed dentists who completed their dental education in North America or internationally educated dentists who have successfully completed the equivalency process. Mock tests at the end of the sessions make students learn the time and stamina management in the 8 hour stretch exam. Currently we have centers in Canada, India and Dubai. Candidates registering for the Full Course can access any of the centers.

I highly recommend dstc centre to everyone wishing to clear their ACS exam in first attempt. I am really thankful to Dr. He is the best instructor you can get. He makes every effort to make you understand your mistakes and he is ever energetic and never ever lazy in explaining you or teaching you the correct fundamentals.

Also my wife Dr.

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge AFK

Grishma passed her Acs exam in first attempt under guidance of Dr. Naresh and divya jithey make every effort to make this journey comfortable. Their fun loving nature always kept the stress of this exam to the minimum. I am grateful to both of them for helping me and my wife out in every aspect during this journey at last I would just like to say that it's the best centre for your acs exam. I'm so pleased with my decision for choosing DSTC for my skills exam.

Words can't define the dedication of Dr. Wai Chang has towards his students. His work checks are so through that he can spot your tiniest mistakes in no time. He will make you achieve the perfection as per NDEB criteria. Thanks for your continuous support and guidance. The mocks really helped me to evaluate myself and bosted the confidence needed for final exam. I would like to thank Mr.

DSTC has great infrastructure needed to groom oneself as well as learnt a lot from colleagues too. I always felt so blessed that I found my way to join this amazing training center since day 1 of the NDEB equivalency process, and I never had the need to look for any other training center or other courses at anytime during this journey.

I would like to thank our outstanding instructors- Dr. Vinod and Dr. James Who have the exceptionally thorough knowledge for the AFK which helped me to clear my AFK exam with a good score in a very first attempt. The Management team Nareshji and Divyaji are always been like a family. They provided me with the best of their advices and given their utmost support. Thanks a lot!! He is very precise,approachable, friendly, motivating and simply the best forever.

Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise without hesitation. I would highly recommend DSTC to anyone who is still in doubt where to start. First and foremost I would like to thanks Dr.Offered both in-class and online. The course will cover the entire subject material required in the NDEB exam, and expose students to several mock exams and quizzes that resemble real life conditions.

In addition, students will have access to over 10, solved questions to practice on and expand their knowledge in the subject matter. A: All of our theoretical courses have a set start date and schedule.

The first step would be to go to WebEx. The day of the session the instructor will send an e-mail out with a link to the meeting.

Next step would be to click on join meeting and then click on call using computer in order to get the audio working. Note: By enrolling in this program.

You accept our Terms and Conditions. Head Office Traders Blvd, Unit 8. Contact at info goldentarget. The Center does not sell the released questions or any study material for purpose of profit, but provide services that would assist a candidate in the preparation of the examination.

Unit 8. Assessment of Fundamental knowledge Description: Offered both in-class and online. Frequently Asked Questions. Q: Can I join late in an ongoing course? Is there a deadline to register in a course?

Q: Can I attend the course via online and how does that work? A: Yes, all of our theoretical courses are offered online via WebEx. Q: How do I attend the course online in steps? Q: Can I attend a trial class with you?

afk mock test

A: Yes, You may attend one trial class either in person or online. Raed 6 Peadodontics 10 am — 4pm Sat March 28 th Dr.

Prep Doctors - NDEB Training in Canada

Raed 8 Operative2 10 am — 4pm Sat April 4 th Dr.You must answer 6 questions correctly to pass. Good luck! Practice questions that you have previously answered incorrectly and that most users get wrong. If you are 65 or older and have been a legal permanent resident of the United States for 20 or more years, you will need to correctly answer 6 out of these 20 questions.

Although the actual test is in English, we have provided Spanish translations for those who may find it easier to learn in their native language. Learn how to correctly pronounce all questions and answers to the Citizenship Test. Do you know how to correctly pronounce the answers from the Citizenship Test?

Find out now with this 10 random questions test! How to Apply? Citizenship Interview After Becoming a Citizen. Reading Test. Writing Test. Start Practice Test 10 Random Questions. Start All Citizenship Test Questions.

American Government 57 questions about principles of American democracy, system of government, and rights and responsibilities. Start American Government Questions. American History 30 questions covering topics from the colonial period to the past few decades.

Start American History Questions. Integrated Civics 13 questions about geography, holidays, and national symbols. Start Integrated Civics Questions. Most Difficult Questions Practice questions that you have previously answered incorrectly and that most users get wrong. Start Most Difficult Questions. Question Shortlist If you are 65 or older and have been a legal permanent resident of the United States for 20 or more years, you will need to correctly answer 6 out of these 20 questions.

All Citizenship Questions and Answers with Audio Learn how to correctly pronounce all questions and answers to the Citizenship Test. Start All Questions and Answers with Audio. Start 10 Random Questions with Audio. Privacy Policy.The sheer amount of information you have to learn, requires a structured approach and constant practice. This AFK preparation course is designed so that the topics are broken down into mini-programs.

The Prep Doctors approach gives you the time to focus on the details needed for both the exam and real-world dentistry. We constantly update our course material to keep you on top of exam trends. Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge. Assessment of Clinical Judgement. Assessment of Clinical Skills. All dentists who want to practice in Canada must follow Canadian standards and criteriawhich are often different from other countries around the world.

To prove they can uphold these standards, all foreign-trained dentists must have their work and knowledge assessed in a four-part dental equivalency process.

The AFK exam is an extensive multiple-choice exam that tests your knowledge of both biomedical and applied clinical science. From anatomy to pharmacology, candidates are required to refresh their dental knowledge within the context of Canadian norms and standards.

Marwan's team. He is an excellent instructor, guide and team leader. Their team, together helped me to start facing the fear of my journey towards NDEB process.

I appreciate prep doctor's merits,instruction policy, management and different types of efforts for Internationally trained dentists. Morshed Sikder. Romik Vadhvana. February 22 - July 26, Schedule. Skip to content. Double your chances of passing.

Dental Courses

Comprehensive mock examinations. Most up-to-date curriculum.

afk mock test

What is Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge? Board Exams. What does the course include? Our Instructors for this course. Marwan Al Rayes. Ibrahim Saadeldin. Omar Al Rawi. Ahmad Judeh. Khalid Araim. Amr El Maghrabi. Umar Ahmed. What our graduates say. Ready to get started? Pick a location to choose a registration option Compare registration options.

This in-class remote access course puts you inside our lecture hall in Mississauga without having to get on a plane. You will be able to attend every lecture, ask questions, receive feedback and take advantage of all the benefits of the most popular AFK course in Canada.

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